By: Beverley Boone

The Tricky Business of Selling Your Home

Tags: House pricing


Understanding the realistic value of your home is important if you’re selling and even if you’re not selling. I know your natural instinct is to ask for as much as possible when selling. Before you decide on a price, I want to help you understand why that might be a risky move. You might be thinking I’m a little crazy, but it’s true! 

When looking at the value of your home, put on your buyer’s hat. If you’re looking for a home that’s priced high for the market, look at how long it's been on the market. Odds are, it’s been on the market for quite a few days and you see the price has been dropping over time. Does this make the home appealing, or does it make you a little skeptical and leave you with more questions? More questions, right? As a seller, you want to avoid questions - especially as far as price is concerned. 

The true value of your home leads to a realistic price that is attractive to buyers, and it might even get you more. Before you settle on a price, take time to think about your area and your home.
Click here to learn more about setting a realistic price for your home. Then, give me a call to discuss your home’s value and what other homes are selling for in the neighbourhood. Even if you're not selling, it's still good to know the value of your home. Give me a call - I’d be happy to run the numbers. 

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