By: Beverley Boone

Growing Up in a Condo

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Growing Up in a Condo

With amenities like communal sandboxes to in-building child care, raising a family in a condo is a trend that’s gaining momentum in cities across Canada.

Here are some tips to make the most out of your family’s condo living.


A condo may have fewer rooms than a home; however, there are public spaces in many neighbourhoods that can help fill the gaps.
Lacking a reading room? Utilize your local library, book store or coffee shop to get some much needed page-flipping in.
Parks and other outdoor public spaces can also fill the void of not having a backyard.

Enrolling in extracurricular activities within your city/town can be a great way to get active, meet new people, and maybe even pick up a new skill.
Many local city websites will feature activity guides that are available for community members to take advantage of. Whether it’s swimming lessons, a cooking class or dancing, these kinds of activities can make you feel connected to the community you live in.

It’s clear that there are certain advantages to owning a house; however, one major benefit of condo living is that it immediately connects you to a community of other condo owners.
Make an effort to meet the other families and individuals who are living in your building. If you have children, perhaps you can schedule play dates with other families. Or, if you’re living on your own, maybe there are a few others who want to get together for a weekly board game night?
There are many reasons that condo living is a great option when it comes to liveability.